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There is no "typical" Amish Outlaws show, but the average crowd can expect to see 6 men in full Amish garb releasing all of their pent up energy with an infectious joy. With a set that is always evolving as the Brothers discover more & more music & culture, The Amish Outlaws constantly surprise the audience & keep them guessing as to what they could possibly play next, from Judas Priest to Jay Z, Neil Diamond to Snopp Dogg & Dr. Dre, Queen and Twisted Sister, to theme songs from the TV shows they have come to know.


Throughout, Brothers McMullen & Hezekiah spin yarns about the Brothers' upbringing & adventures since Rumpsringa. Amish Outlaw gigs are less performances than they are initiations into the life of an Amish Outlaw & parties celebrating the Brothers’ newfound freedom, and Amish lifestyle, found a home and life with STARS Productions.

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